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The rebellious and inquisitive musical spirit is unrelenting, and the aspiration for beauty (both light and dark) essential. Now is the time, again.

What Lightarmour Editions is ...

Lightarmour Editions is a Record Label and Multimedia Studio inspired by an underlying musical zeitgeist rather than any specific genre; the jewelled ghost of primal-era Factory, 4AD, Mute, Fast Product, and Rough Trade (amongst many others, including Australia’s Volition & New Zealand’s Flying Nun) has been in the air for some years now, and the Post-CorporateHipHopPop generation has gagged on crass and vacuous non-imagination long enough . . .

"Zeitgeist" |ˈzʌɪtɡʌɪst|
the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. From German, literally “spirit of the age”; Zeit, meaning “time,” and Geist, meaning “spirit” or “ghost.”

New and Upcoming . . .

The 6-track Manifestations E.P. (Edition LE/012 is) is the debut release by recent label signing Odessa-X. Manifestations is a distinct post-IDM sound-mash that bears the DNA of the last 40 years of electronica’s evolution while also showcasing the deft touch of an accomplished drummer. It’s a heady post-postmodern elixir where the non-linear and complex beats of an Aphex Twin / Autechre style workout intermingle with a haunting sense of melody reminiscent of 4AD’s seminal Cocteau Twins.. Tracklisting – Tempest Belle / Flux Interior / Relentlessness / Desire / Slow Ghost Machine / Plague of Hearts.
Released 22nd October 2019. . .

E.P. Preview on Youtube
E.P on Bandcamp

Cover Odessa X Manifestations Ep1

New and Upcoming . . .

The 4-track Cry Robot Cry E.P. (Edition LE/010) represents the first all-new-material release by Fate Razor, following on from the “Retrospective” Series that marked the reactivation of the project’s 90’s Melbourne era.

The organic and visceral clout of Skinny Puppy and NIN combines with the melodic complexity of Depeche Mode and FR’s particular and recognisable strain of bastardised HipHop, Dub, and Ambient Electronica. Tracklisting – Cry Robot Cry / Cry Robot Cry (RoboRePercussions) / Music Of The Spheres / Cry Robot Cry (Instrumental).
Due 25th October 2019. . .

E.P. Preview on Youtube

Cover Fate Razor Cr Robot Cry Ep3

Edition: LE/001

Format – Digital Album: 10 Tracks
Release Date: 7th March 2017

Cover Crimson Boy Street Gods Neon Dogs Le001

Crimson Boy Street Gods and Neon Dogs

Moving through the vaguely-cinematic landscape of “Street Gods” and “Neon Dogs”, there are encounters with string-machine anthems celebrating the power of sound and imagination; “Here are the Young Men”, drum machine exorcisms on love’s abuse; “I Will Sacrifice”, and tight Kraftwerkian paens to human aspiration caught in the teeth of life’s machinery; the “Hearts in Armour” trilogy...
Listen To The Album

Edition: LE/002

Format – Digital Single: 1 Track
Release Date: 5th March 2017

Cover Crimson Boy Always Alana Nightstar Remix Single Le002

Crimson Boy Always Alana (NightStar Remix)

An extended bassline-centric reworking of track 8 from the Street Gods and Neon Dogs album. If Depeche Mode, New Order, Ladytron, and Sisters of Mercy collided on a street corner would it sound like this?.. Nah...
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Edition: LE/003

Format – Digital Single: 2 Tracks
Release Date: 12th August 2017

Cover Lake Lustre Cocoons Le003

Lake Lustre Cocoons

Something unique this way cometh; having circumnavigated Europe’s key musical hubs, Melbourne-based composer and visual artist Joe Scerri manages to affix the veil of 4AD’s soft-focus beauty to the streamlined fidget of a post-glitch/lounge underframe, the result is. . .

Edition: LE/005

Format – Digital E.P: 5 Tracks
Release Date: 19th October 2018

Cover Fate Razor Retrospective Ep

Fate Razor Retrospective E.P.#1

A snapshot of the sound and the headspace of primary-era Fate Razor, the 5-track retrospective is comprised of dimly-lit swansongs to lost love, Sitiuationist manifestos and globalist defiance delivered via Dalek agitation, deity-destroying mantras in metallic glitter, nihilism, angst, and the raw thrill of sampling and sound.

Fate Razor is the Mr Hyde to CB’s Dr Jekyll – a much harsher, darker twin soul fastened to a dense propulsive sound that melds industrial noise, dub, electronica, and bastardised hip-hop. After a hiatus of over a decade, two EP’s of songs sourced from ’93 onwards are been released in prep for new material.. . .
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Lightarmour Editions

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