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Artist Information

Genre: Coldwave / Post-Punk Electronica
Label: Lightarmour Editions / Self-Release
Hometown: Perth Australia
Influences: Joy Division & New Order / Depeche Mode / Tubeway Army / Cabaret Voltaire / Orchestral Manouevres in The Dark / The Cure / Kraftwerk / The Human League / John Foxx / Fad Gadget / Cocteau Twins / D.A.F / Front 242 / Simple Minds / Bowie / And An A / UK & Aus Post-Punk / 4AD & Mute & Factory Records
Sounds Like: The Soul of Joy Division in the body of Depeche Mode
I wiped a tear from my eye
And walked back to my room
See it hugging the curves of the moon
See it shaking the trees in its wake
See it laughing the night-sky apart
Left a big slice of doubt in my heart
House Of Steel


The new album by Australian cult electronic outfit Crimson Boy aka Vince Valentini and Andy Brown…”Street Gods and Neon Dogs” offers 10 tracks that dwell between synth/coldwave and postpunk with a clear stress on Kraftwerkian electronics. The Perth based act formed in 1983 and soon attracted a cult following through their vinyl and cassette releases and sporadic live performances. Crimson Boy have now been reanimated…
                                                                    Sideline Magazine


Crimson Boy are an Electronic Music duo that arose in the early 80’s in Perth, Western Australia, amidst the heady carnivalesque euphoria of the post-punk scene. In recent years Crimson Boy has been re-animated. The first new release “Street Gods and Neon Dogs” is a 10-track album that includes completely reworked vintage CB, as well as new material.

Having grown up in the intoxicating aura of Australian post-punk, the songs of Fate Razor are known not only for their frequent mathematical bludgeoning, but also for their ventures into a cinematic human dystopia equal parts nihilism and rebellious will-to-resist.

After a hiatus of over a decade, two EP’s of songs sourced from ’93 onwards have been remastered and set for release to commemorate the visceral past, and to make way for its evolution…

Retrospective E.P.#1 – Official Release 19th Oct 2018

more info on the E.P.

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Upcoming Releases

Call To Nowhere Central: ‎(3 track Digital Single) Lightarmour Editions LE00? – 27th January 2019
Scarlett Disco / Silver Surfer Blue: ‎(2 track Digital Single) Lightarmour Editions LE00? – 14th February 2019
Lovely Machines: ‎(5 track Digital E.P.) Lightarmour Editions LE009 – 1st March 2019


2018 Retrospective E.P.#1: ‎(5 Track Digital E.P.) Lightarmour Editions LE005
2016 Cold Star (Outcast Version): Body Virus ‎(Various, Digital Album) Body-Music Records
1998 King Circuit: Black Paradigm ‎(Various, CD) Divination records BPCD001
1998 ColdComfort Logic: Blatant Propaganda Vol. 1 ‎(Various, CD) Blatant Propaganda BPCD001
1998 ColdComfort Logic: Circuit Noir Vol. 2 ‎(Various, CD) United Endangered Front UEF-CD/1015
1998 Three Of Swords: Dark Eyed And Starry They Were Vol. 2 ‎(Various, CD) Heartland Records HL11/3
1997 Love Gone Wrong Song 3am: Circuit Noir ‎(Various, CD) United Endangered Front UEF-CD/1006
1997 Love Gone Wrong Song: Down Under Ground Volume 2 ‎(Various, CD) Toan Productions DownUnderV2
1996 BlackGuard Wolfpack: Vulgar Tongue ‎(Various, CD) Vulgar Tongue VT2
1996 ColdComfort Logic: Reload ‎(Various, CD) Punctured Lung Records SIR-63
1995 Love Gone Wrong Song: Dark Eyed And Starry They Were ‎(Various, CD) Heartland Records HL 02/2
1994 Dead Dreams Bloom: Re-Evolution Vol. 1 ‎(Various, CD) Punctured Lung Records ONE-1
1994 Angelignite: Re-Evolution Vol. 1 ‎(Various, CD) Punctured Lung Records ONE-1
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